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Explore the Village of Oak Park's budget and learn how the money is being spent.
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Budget: Oak Park is a budget transparency tool for the Village of Oak Park, Illinois. It was built by Oak Park residents Derek Eder and Alicia Chastain. It is not an official application from the Village.

Our goal is to increase transparency around one of the most important but challenging parts of government: the budgeting process. We hope that by making this information more readily accessible and easier to understand, we can bring more informed voices into the discussions and debates around budget priorities in Oak Park.

By extracting expenses from the Village’s official budgets, we were able to display and compare annual budgets from 2013 through 2023. The funds, departments and descriptions are as the Village officially reports them and are unchanged by us, with the exception of merging duplicate line items.

For more information on the Oak Park Village budget and how we built this site, read our Frequently Asked Questions.